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About Us

Smart, Agile, Imaginative

At Accounts Point, we use our experience & expertise to assist our clients for their betterment and making them assured that every venture is a success.

We aim at undertaking the business of providing all kinds of Information technology based enabled services in India and abroad.

We do outsourcing for Taxation, Accounting & Book Keeping, Payroll Accounting and Transaction Processing Outsourcing Services for US, UK, Australia & India.


Our Vision Our Mission Our Values
To be the premier and preferred provider of Technology Enabled and Business Process Outsourcing services in our chosen markets.
Our values help us drive our objectives and provide us with guidelines by which we achieve meaningful results maintaining this shared focus do we, as individuals, become a successful team
To help our clients maximize their customer lifetime value and increase their competitive advantage by helping drive productivity and efficiency while delivering measurable results.


  • Focus on your Core Business :

    Every business has limited resources, and every manager has limited time and attention. Outsourcing can help your business to shift its focus from peripheral activities toward work that serves the customer, and it can help managers set their priorities more clearly

  • Reduce Risk :

    Every business investment carries a certain amount of risk. Markets, competition, government regulations, financial conditions and technologies all change very quickly. Outsourcing providers assume and manage this risk for you, and they generally are much better at deciding how to avoid risk in their areas of expertise.

  • Increase Efficiency :

    Companies that do everything themselves have much higher research, development, marketing and distribution expenses, all of which must be passed on to customers. An outside provider`s cost structure and economy of scale can give your firm an important competitive advantage.