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How We Work

How We Work

Accounts Point we follow a structured way of work flow where in there is a clear cut understanding mechanism as to what are the key input requirements, source and time of receiving inputs, process methodology, output requirement as per service levels and the final output to the clients

Our Business Module

Accounts Point believes in simple and easy business model for Clients. We provide wide range of services depending upon the needs and infrastructure of the clients.




Working Offline

  • Working on Accounts point server
  • Client will send inputs in PDF format through mail /store inputs on our secured FTP file server.
  • We will access the accounts point server, work on the data and upload the final output on server.
  • Accounts Point ensures that the server used has sufficient fire walls and updated versions of antivirus loaded on to it and appropriate steps taken to maintain the confidentiality and security of clients’ data.


Working Online

  • Clients give access to online software
  • Clients send the inputs through PDF format/stores the data on our secured file server
  • Access the client server through secured network and work on online software and save the output files.



Service Methodology

At Accounts Point we always try to add value to customers by providing timely services by adhering to the service level agreements. In order to ensure smooth and proper flow of activities it is important that the way by which we operate has a clear structure. Process check list, process documentation, Quality Checks (QC), Peer to Peer audit, review by experts etc. are some of the techniques which we follow in order to ensure accurate output is delivered to clients.